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Self-service Sponsored Products & Banner Ads management platform for retailers and marketplaces.

Unlock a profitable revenue stream for your eCommerce business. Monetize 100% of your store’s traffic by automating marketing and trade partnerships with your vendors, brands, and marketplace sellers.

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“Martailer gave us technological infrastructure and know-how to build digital advertising as a new revenue stream.” Read case study → 

– Mindaugas Raguotis, Head of E-commerce Development

Mindaugas Raguotis

“With Sponsored Products we increased sales by 132% for some of our vendors.”

– Julius Bujanauskas, CMO

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Julius Bujanauskas

Ad formats for every type of advertiser

From product discovery to a sale. Enable your trusted partners to cover every stage of a shopping journey.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products appear as native product placements and rank higher on your store’s product lists, on-site search results, and product recommendations.

Our AI algorithms use fires party data to show your products to shoppers that are most likely to buy them.

Sponsored Products are relevant and personalised. They seamlessly blend into store’s content, resulting in a positive shopping experience and increased conversion rates.


Banner Ads

Banner Ads are a choice for advertisers who want not only promote their products, but also communicate brand values and uplift brand perception, introduce new products, and increase sales.

Banner Ads allow advertisers to reach shoppers at the top of their journey and discover their brands and products. 

Benefits you get

Profitable revenue stream

Scalable revenue stream

Easily add new ad placements across your store and expand your advertising capacity with no extra costs.

Full control

Full control

Nothing goes live without your approval.
You are always in control what, when and where appears on your store.

Fully automated process

Fully automated process

Martailer's self-service platform allows you
to scale your vendor marketing partnerships
without an increase in operational costs.

Easy integration

Easy integration

Get it up and running in two weeks by integrating Martailer via JavaScript or API.

Seamless integration

Native look and feel

Sponsored products seamlessly blend into
your store's design, resulting in a positive shopping experience and increased conversion rates.

Transparent real time reporting

Transparent real time reporting

You are free to choose which performance
metrics you want to see and share with
your trusted partners.

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