Create and run your own retail media program

Retail media management platform for ecommerce retailers.

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    Your trusted tech partner to build and operate your own retail media program.

    Launch your retail media program.

    Create valuable partnerhips with your vendors, brands, and partners.

    • Quick MVP launch
    • No compromise on your UI/UX
    • Personalized and Relevant Ads
    • Full Ad Serving Control

    Create a new revenue stream

    Build and scale data-driven retail advertising solutions for your vendors, brands, and partners.

    Maximize ad revenue

    Monetize your site’s traffic and first-party data.

    Automate marketing co-operations

    Automate trade and marketing co-operations with your partners.

    Save time & operational costs

    Easily create, manage, and analyze the performance of all your retail media activities in a single platform.

    Advertising Brands and Partners

    Retail data driven advertising

    Enable your trusted partners to reach shoppers through the entire customer buying journey. From display ads to increase brand awareness to native sponsored product ads to boost sales performance.

    Native Ads

    Sponsored Product Ads

    Increase sales performance with native product ads in search results, category page listings, product pages, or other ad placements on site.

    Banners Ads

    Display Advertising

    Deliver brand message to high intent shoppers with display ads.

    Newsletter Ads

    Email Advertising

    Send relevant and personalized ads to engaged shoppers in a newsletter.

    Facebook & Google Ads

    Social & Search Engine Advertising

    Extend your ad inventory. Reach engaged shoppers offsite with ads on social networks and search engines.

    Digital screens, POS

    In-store advertising

    Reach shoppers with ads on digital and point-of-sale screens in physical stores.

    First-party data

    Custom Advertising Solutions

    Empower your first-party data to create custom-tailored solutions for your advertising partners.

    Martailer provided us with tech infrastructure and business know-how to build our digital advertising business.

    Mindaugas RaguotisHead of E-commerce Development

    Martailer gave us tech infrastructure and knowledge to build and scale digital advertising business to a new level.

    Mindaugas RaguotisHead of E-commerce Development

    Why Martailer’s Retail Media
    Management Platform?

    A single platform to manage, analyze, and report

    Martailer provides a self-service advertising platform to easily set up, manage, and analyze the performance of all your retail media activities.

    Full Ad Serving Control

    The retailer always has control over what appears on their website, when, where, and at what prices. The retailer can manage campaigns internally or give access to a self-service platform to trusted partners.

    No compromises on UI/UX

    Sponsored product ads are relevant and personalized, and they seamlessly blend into the site’s design. Martailer’s ad serving AI algorithms use millions of data points to show ads to the shoppers most likely to buy.

    Transparent reporting

    The retailer has access to all available performance metrics and can customize which metrics to share with brand partners. Powerful data insights for both retailers and advertisers.

    Maximize Ad Revenue.

    Launch your own retail media program.

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    • Easily add new features
    • Save your IT time and costs
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